Taking our Chromebooks for a walk

Today Room 4 took their chromebooks for a walk to visit  Room 11.

We are hug holding our chromebooks.

We are walking with our chromebooks.

We a looking where we are going.

Our Kawa of Care helps us to look after our chromebooks.






2 thoughts on “Taking our Chromebooks for a walk

  1. Kia ora room 4. My name is Phil and I’m a facilitator who will be working with your buddy class at New Windsor this term. Actually your buddy class is a team of 5 classes! I love the way you are using the Kawa of Care to look after your Chromebooks. I can’t wait to see some more of the awesome mahi you do this term.

  2. Kia ora Phil, thank you for reading our blog post. We are excited to see what New Windsor will be sharing too.

    from Room 4

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