Tangrams and Hexagons

We are getting better at using our trackpad every day.

We can duplicate, rotate and flip shapes

Today Mrs Grant challenged us to use hexagons to solve a puzzle

Then we created objects using a Tangram.

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4 thoughts on “Tangrams and Hexagons

  1. Hi there buddy class,
    We really like your tangrams, and can’t wait until we learn to do that in our class.
    We wonder if that is something you could now do by yourself without the help of your teacher?
    We got to create cats after we learnt how to do the fish.
    Looking forward to seeing some more of your awesome learning.

    From your buddy class
    Room 7

  2. I really enjoyed seeing all the kind of fish you guys made it was so hard to figure what kind of fish you made.Did you knouw that I made a fish and told some of my sisters to guss what fish is this they said it looked like a clown fish because I put in a clown face on it.

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