Transparent Background

We are excited! Miss Cunningham is going to teach us how to create animations.

Kalisi’s Fish with a transparent background

First we need to draw a character or object with a transparent background. Our drawing will have no background so we can animate or make it move.


We learnt how to use Sumo Paint to draw our fish.

Can you notice all the detail we have added to our fish?

6 thoughts on “Transparent Background

  1. Kia ora rm 4,
    I loved the way you had created different kinds of animated fishes.
    I also love drawing animation too.
    What is your favourite fish?

    1. Thank you for the nice comment Mani. William’s favourite fish is the Swordfish. EJ’s favourite fish is the Catfish. Anamalia’s favourite fish is the goldfish.

      From Room 4

  2. Kia ora Rm 4,
    I really liked the way you had created a fish it really good and amazing also beautiful .
    what did yous used to make a fish ?
    l love how you have draw colourful fishes on your chrome book.

  3. Kia ora Room 4. Awesome fish. We love how much detail is in your fish drawings. It reminded us of some fish that we created but we used Google Draw. We think those fish might be a clown fish and a lobster. Are we right? From Room 26 @ New Windsor.

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