Remove BG

Today we took a head to toe picture and removed the background using

Next we added our transparent pictures to a background. Can you guess where in the world we are?



6 thoughts on “Remove BG

  1. Hi Room 4,

    We are Room 2 from Taitoko School in Levin. We just saw you taking pictures of yourselves and putting yourselves on islands and making yourselves bigger! How did you remove the background? Keep up the fantastic learning.

    1. Kia ora Room 2

      Thank you for sending that comment to us!

      We removed the background by uploading our picture to the website and then we found a picture of Tonga that we liked.

      We liked your comment, have a great day from Room 4, Glen Innes School.

  2. Kia ora Room 4 i really like what you guys did about Remove BG it really good of how you guys did Remove BG it look so nice of how you guys did it and i really really really really like it thank you for sharing it to us thank you room 4
    From Alana😇

  3. Kia ora Rm 4. i really like how you have used remove bg .
    It is really helpful for use to put a link on your blog post .
    What kind of device did you used to take photo?

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