Our Horror Movie – A Manaiakalani Film Festival Entry 2022

We wanted to share some of the learning and fun activities that we get to do in our classroom at Glen Innes School, but with a twist. We hope you enjoy our movie, hopefully you don’t get too scared….

19 thoughts on “Our Horror Movie – A Manaiakalani Film Festival Entry 2022

  1. Kia Ora Glen Innes school I am In room at pt England school my name is Tolati I enjoyed your film festival movie my favourite part was when the evil fairy came and turned your guys into werewolf’s. I learned lot of stuff I hope your have a great day from Tolati at pt England school.

  2. Kia, Ora Glenn innes Good Acting and good stuff. I hope u Have a good year. Good Hard working and good Stuff

  3. Hello Glen Innes school my name is brittany from Pt england .school i just wanted to say keep up the Amazing work.

  4. Kia ora room 4 I’m Jessica from room 10, I really enjoyed your Horror film my favorite part of the movie was when the evil fariy came in then cast a spell on the students. Keep up the good work!

  5. Wow! this is a well done room 4 hey i’m Nilah from room 10 at glen innes,I love it! is this from room 4 WOW so young yet so smart! Room 4 you have done wonderful keep up the great work!

  6. Kia ora room 4 i’m Loise from room 10 and I love your horror movie and really love when you all were spinning around and then turned into monsters, keep up the great work.

  7. Greetings room 4 I like your horror movie and my favorite is the evil fairy who comes to turn you guy into wolf.

  8. Kia Ora I am Atarenga from Room 10 at Glen Innes School. I really enjoyed watching your movie because it was horror. Keep working hard!
    Thank you.

  9. Greetings rm 4 my name is Mani from rm 11 I really enjoyed your horror movie ,the fairy was very terrifying ,keep up the great work room 4 .

  10. Talofa lava Room 4. My name is Lawren and I am from room 11 at Glen Innes school. I enjoyed the part when you all turned into wolves when the evil fairy casted a spell on all of you guys. Your masks are incredible and your movie was wonderful.

  11. hello room 4 i saw this on your blog and i think it was cool . i did not see that much but you guys are amazing i like your movies amazing job guys i hope you put more on your blog bye.

  12. Dear room 4 I love your horror but I was not scary at all so plz make it more scary next year?????? But I still loved it was amazing.

  13. Greetings room 4 my name is Cassandra from room 10 and I would like to say I really liked your movie and it was really interesting and entertaining I’m really looking forward to your next movie! Keep up the great work!

  14. Kia ora Room 4, Wow! Your film is awesome. It was very interesting to see all the learning and mahi you are doing during the week. Great to see all your talents shining in your film too… your presentation and acting was superb!

    Your film had a very clever ending and I am wondering what will happen next…
    Did you enjoy seeing your film on the BIG screen?

    See you soon,
    Mrs Grant

  15. kia ora room 4, great job your film/movie was amazing great job love it keep it up .
    it was very interesting and your film/movie was amazing great work .

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