Month: March 2023

Crabs and monsters and flying humans

We have been learning to work with shapes and lines. It is important so we can use our chromebook keyboard faster. Fatima said that making teeth was tricky. Terrell said that making the eyes and the pinchers was easy. Divine said making angles was easy. Liku said making the wings and the fire was easy.

Have you tried to create a drawing with shapes?

Learning about shapes and lines

This week we exploring using shapes and line in Google Slides.

This will help us to: 

Can you identify the shapes and line tools we used to created these drawings?

Sharing on our blogs

Today we shared our blog profiles on our blogs. We had to remember all the steps to post to our blog including creating a unique title. We added out title last so we could use our blog post for inspiration.

All our blogs are linked from the class blog widget on the left. We hope you take some time to check them out and leave us a comment.