The Importance of Maths by Fatima

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Firstly I think people should at least do one maths equation because it is good for your young or old brain. Also maths is one of the most important subjects in the world. Secondly maths is important because you learned it in primary school and in high school college and freshman you will even learn harder things in maths.

Some believe that maths isn’t that important because they don’t believe maths doesn’t help in life but it surely does. Maths helps with counting money at the register. It helps with how much money to give and how much money you will receive.

Therefore maths is important because once you learn something new it’s good to learn it again. In our class in maths we always have a revision. We learn new things and have a revision so you can know it like a click.

Conclusion : Last but not least, maths is fun because you can learn new things like Fractions, decimals, place value, percentages, multiplication, BEDMAS and many more new things. Take my advice and learn maths.

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Maths by Fatima

  1. Hi Fatima,

    We agree! Maths is really important and we like how you have said when we will need it in life! We think it is needed in most jobs we might end up with as adults.

    Some of our favourite things we have learnt in maths are: division, multiplication, subtraction, rounding, fractions, square roots and percentages! What has been your favourite thing to learn in maths?

    Room 3 @ Levin North School

    1. Kia ora Fatima and Room 3@Levin North

      Thank you for reminding us how important maths is! Fatima has written such a well developed argument with good examples and explanation. An important use of maths is also measurement. How would our baking turn out without the right quantities of flour, sugar and other ingredients. If there’s one thing I don’t like is dry, floury cake! How about you? Can you think of other ways maths is used ofr measurement?

      Keep up the great blogging everyone!

      Nga mihi
      Naomi R
      Manaiakalani Facilitator

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