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Starting the New Year Right

Today we setup our Chromebooks for the first time. We want to start the new year right by:

  • demonstrating responsible use of our chromebooks
  • confidently navigating our learning apps

Today we focused on our Bookmarks and Google Drive. This helps us to find our learning fast and to always be in the right place at the right time when we are on our chromebooks.

Tangrams and Hexagons

We are getting better at using our trackpad every day.

We can duplicate, rotate and flip shapes

Today Mrs Grant challenged us to use hexagons to solve a puzzle

Then we created objects using a Tangram.

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A School of Fish

Today we used shapes to create a fish.

William is showing us how to colour our shapes.

We learnt to group our fish so all the shapes stuck together.

We duplicated and resized our fish to create a school of fish.

Miss Cunningham showed us how to colour our Drive folders so we can find them quickly.