Learning about shapes and lines

This week we exploring using shapes and line in Google Slides.

This will help us to: 

Can you identify the shapes and line tools we used to created these drawings?

Sharing on our blogs

Today we shared our blog profiles on our blogs. We had to remember all the steps to post to our blog including creating a unique title. We added out title last so we could use our blog post for inspiration.

All our blogs are linked from the class blog widget on the left. We hope you take some time to check them out and leave us a comment.


Creating our blog profiles

We are learning to make decisions about information we share and information we keep private online.

This morning we explored some blog from Panmure Bridge School.  We do not know most of these learners however some of the learners we know from meeting them at community events.

We  noticed what information these bloggers shared about themselves online. They shared a lot of their learning and what they have been creating.

Next we drafted our blog profiles for our blogs and though carefully about the information we would be sharing.

Next we will share our profiles on our blog. Visit our blogs using the links on the left.

Starting the New Year Right

Today we setup our Chromebooks for the first time. We want to start the new year right by:

  • demonstrating responsible use of our chromebooks
  • confidently navigating our learning apps

Today we focused on our Bookmarks and Google Drive. This helps us to find our learning fast and to always be in the right place at the right time when we are on our chromebooks.

Watching our Blogging Buddies’ Films

Today we were excited to see that Waenga Team had shared lots of films they had created for their Film Festival.

First we watched  Room 25’s Styrofoam Printing together on the big screen. We also wrote a comment for them. We would like to try Styrofoam printing too.

Next we used our Chromebooks to explore all the films they had created. We chose a film we liked to write a comment too.

Room 7’s Film 

Room 26’s Documentary