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Writing a thoughtful comment and making a connection

To write a thoughtful comment it helps to make a connection with what the blogger has shared in their post.

First we need to read the post and notice – does the blog post remind us of something similar?

We used some comment starters on our site to help us.

Here are some examples of our comments. Click the screenshots to see the blog post and comments.

Can you identify the parts of the comment where we have tried to make a connection with the blogger?

Comment by Primrose
Comment by Fatima



Positive and Specfic

This week we focused on including positive words in our comments. First we need to spend time reading the blog post we are going to comment on. Reading blog posts also helps our reading mileage. It is inspiring to see what other learners are creating and sharing.

Next we chose something specific in the blog post to comment about. We used the word list on our class site to help us choose one or two positive words.

When we leave a comment on a class or learner blog we submit a link to the comment so we can tally up how many comments we have written this term. We can check out comment submissions on the response sheet each week to track our progress.