Year: 2022

Watching our Blogging Buddies’ Films

Today we were excited to see that Waenga Team had shared lots of films they had created for their Film Festival.

First we watched  Room 25’s Styrofoam Printing together on the big screen. We also wrote a comment for them. We would like to try Styrofoam printing too.

Next we used our Chromebooks to explore all the films they had created. We chose a film we liked to write a comment too.

Room 7’s Film 

Room 26’s Documentary

Practising writing our own blog comments

Room 4 has been helping Miss Cuningham write Internet Kind comments on our buddy blogs this year. Now it is our time to write our own comments. First we need to practise on a Google doc. When our commnet is ready to share we copy and paste onto the blog.

Our Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu Team are creative

Today we were so excitied to explore our Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu buddy blog, Waenga team @ New Windsor School
We have been learning to animate too. Waenga team have also added sound to their animations. We had fun watching and listening.  We are inspired to add sound to our animations too. Thank you Waenga Team, you are very creative.


Animation by Ejay and Louis

We have been learning to animate an image. This is the first time we have tried to do this.

This is Louis’ Ball Animation. It was fun duplicating the ball around the playground.

This is EJay’s Animated Film. Adding the dragon took a lot of time.

Remove BG

Today we took a head to toe picture and removed the background using

Next we added our transparent pictures to a background. Can you guess where in the world we are?



Transparent Background

We are excited! Miss Cunningham is going to teach us how to create animations.

Kalisi’s Fish with a transparent background

First we need to draw a character or object with a transparent background. Our drawing will have no background so we can animate or make it move.


We learnt how to use Sumo Paint to draw our fish.

Can you notice all the detail we have added to our fish?